Gin and a Pasty
Big Pasty

Taken back before I preferred limes with my gin. Those were crazy times. Lemons? With gin? I honestly don't know what I was thinking, and I feel embarassed to admit it now. Yes, that is a pint of gin and tonic, I don't usually drink my G&T in pint glasses, I tend to go for half pints or high ball glasses, use a lot of ice and approx half to 1 whole lime at a time. Gin to tonic ratio? I would personally go for approx 1 part gin to 3 or 4 parts tonic.

The pasty itself (pasty or pastie?) was filled with a variety of vegetables. FYI, the pastry was puff but bought pre-made and rolled.

I was eating alone that night, did accompany with a superfluous side salad of mixed leaves, and only managed about half of the pasty itself. Other half went into the fridge but was never eaten and eventually spoiled.

Bottle of Bombay Sapphire was soon polished off.

A variety of kitchen appliances are also visible in this picture, including my sandwich toaster which, as with all sandwich toasters, was used twice and then never used ever again. It probably still has cheese residue on it. It has since gone into a cupboard where it will remain, until I move out.

Fangtasia Stories Chapter 1: Mainstreaming is for Pussies
Blue Eyed AS
Characters do not belong to me! They are not mine. I do not own them, but I treat them with the care and love that they deserve and when I ship them back they are happy, clean, and well fed. I take particular care when washing and grooming Eric.

Story is beta'd by RubySun03, bestest beta in the world ever.

Rating is adult, for sweary words. These are VAMPIRES people!



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